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logo_icdm2ICDM stands for Innovation Design and Manufacturing. It is a research group dealing with innovative research on design, materials and manufacturing fields. Researchers of the group include Dr. Alva E. Tontowi (Design, Materials, Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing), Dr. Rachmat Sriwidjaja (Engineering Design), Dr. Subagyo (Optimization&Materials), Dr.Budi Dharma (Manufacturing), Dr. Gesang (Automation), Dr. MK Herliansyah, Dr. Andi Sudiarsa (EDM), Dr. Muslim (MEDM), Dr. Herianto (Automation) and Prof. Jamasri (Composite Materials).

logo-piky2IC2 stands for Innovation Center for Ceramics-Yogyakarta (PIKY=Pusat Inovasi Keramik Yogyakarta). The center was established in collaboration between UGM (Faculty of Engineering), Industrial Research & Development -Department of Industry (Balai Besar Keramik Bandung /BBK) and Bantul district government (Dinas Perindagkop) in 2008. The aims of the Center is to enhance competitiveness of a pottery & ceramics industry in Yogyakarta (e.g Kasongan, Pundong, etc) through innovation of design, materials, production technology and market. People get involved at the Center are Dr. Suhanan (UGM/Mech Eng), Dr. Alva E. Tontowi (UGM/Ind Eng), Dr. Subagyo (UGM/Ind Eng), Dr. Rahman Sudiyo (UGM/Chem Eng), Dr. Edi Prasetyono (UGM/Economics), Dr. Ngakan Timur Antara/Dr.Lintong Hutahean (BBK), Ir.Supomo M.Sc/Ir.Hernawan,MT (BBK), Drs. Misbakhul Munir (Disperindagkop-Bantul) and Dr. Timbul (ISI/Pottery Industry Kasongan).  Currently we are running a project for developing a market data, building a communal furnace and an integrated tourism region in Kasongan. This project is in collaboration between Engineering Faculty and BPPT. In term of raw material data base, Balai Besar Keramik Bandung has developed the data base and it can be visited in

logo_birdxsBiRD stands for Bioceramics Innovation, Research and Development. Like the ICDM,  the BIRD is a research group dealing with innovation, research  and development in bioceramics based materials and its applications. Researchers of the group include Dr. Alva E. Tontowi (Design, Materials, Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing), Prof. Widowati (Biopolymers/Dentistry), Dr. Sunarintyas (Biomaterials/Dentistry), Dr. Ika D. Ana (Biomaterials/Dentistry), Dr. Rahadian Magetsari, Sp.Ortho (Orthopaedics), Dr.Punto Dewo, Sp.Ortho (Orthopaedics), Dr. Waziz Wildan (Engineering Materials) and Dr. Herliansyah (BovineHA/Moderator of the Group).

  • Doctor students: Eko Pujianto (Viva), Imam (Y4), Sunyoto (Y2), Elbi (Y2), Supriono (Y2); Suryo Dharma (Y2), Lukmandono (Y2), Joko Triono (Y2), Taha (Y2).
  • Master students: Eko Purwanto (Y2), Budi (Y2).
  • Undergrad students: Sisil, Yoshi, Ghita, Thomas, Yulius, Fachri.

Laboratory of Product Design and Development

  • Assistants (2008/2009): Dian, Vena, Rony, Raymond & Hanif.
  • Assistants (2009/2010): Beni, Adit, Wiwik, Deny, Win & Katrin.
  • Assistants (2010/2011): Kukuh,
  • Assistants (2011/2012): Adhyaksa, & Helmi,
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