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April 28th, 2012

Current Lectures (2011)walang-1

  • Doctor (S3-Mechanical Engineering & BioMedical Engineering UGM): (1) Powder Technology. This lectures on how to fabricate powder, characterize powder, and forming the powder into a particular shape  ; (2) Layer Manufacturing Technology (LMT). This lectures on how to build a part/component from layers of materials (in the form of liquid, solid wire, or powder); (3) Bioceramic&Fabrication. This lectures on how to fabricate bioceramic, particularly hydroxyapatite, from gypsum, calcite, bovine bone and cattlefish bone.
  • Master (S2-Industrial Engineering UGM): (1) Concurrent Process & Product Design/CPPD; (2) Design for Manufacturing/DfM. Outline: CPPD dealing with how an integrated product and process development  can contribute reducing cost of product while it still maintains the product quality. DfM concerns on how to reduce manufacturing cost. It consists of the cost of components, assembly and support. One example of reducing manufacturing cost is by reducing number of components, the use of standard components, reducing steps number of assembly, speed up prototyping process, etc.  S2_BME: (1) Medical Industrial and (2) CAD for BME
  • Undergrad (S1-Industrial  Engineering UGM):(1) Integrated Design and Manufacturing (2) Production Facility Layout (3) Product Design & Development /available on line in eLisa (4) Entrepreneurship (5) Industrial Management. Content of the lecture is combination of theory given in the class room and a group project where the project results are exhibited in a special design expo. Topic of this year (2009) is “Design for Equity” which is dedicated to support disable people. There are about 20’s posters of original design with potentially patent will be shown off to public at Plaza Faculty of Engineering UGM  in May 2009. Companies, banks, investors, professional organization and social institution will be invited in this event.
  • ILOVE for Product Design and Development (Lecture Course via eLisa UGM)
  • Workshop of Product Design for Multi-Engineering Discipline (Faculty of Engineering UGM)
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