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Research interests: Design, Materials and Manufacturingalva_rt2011x

On going research:

  • Developing SHM-D8 (Selective Heat Melting):  a machine for fabricating a low cost mold for plastic injection molding machine
  • Developing SCM-3D (Selective Curing Model): a machine for fabricating an artificial bone directly from CT scan images
  • Developing bioceramic composite and bio-binder that is able to be formed into a certain shape  directly from CAD/CT Scan at room  temperature (Scaffold of HA/G/PVA; HA-coated PVA; HA/Photopolymer).
  • HA Scaffold Coated with Thin Skin of PVA (Incollaboration with Politecnico di Torino-Italy, 2010)
  • Development a Coating Method: SS316L/other metals Surface with HA Coating (magnetron Sputtering)-Application for Implants (Incollaboration with Groningen University-The Netherlands, Planning for 2014-)
  • Coating HA/TCP on SS316L using plasma spray method (2012)
  • Fabrication of bioplastic-silica composite filament for 3D Printer Application (2012)
  • Development of bioplastic-HA composite filament for hard tissue application e.g. Mandibula (2013)
  • Design and Prototyping of Coroner Stent (2013)
  • Development low cost organic plastic-cericin for human bone scaffold (2013)


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