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mtech_logo3MENAET TECHNOLOGY or M-Tech is a business technology incubator at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering UGM. Currently we have two core businesses i.e. (1) Fabrication of bioceramics particularly hydroxyapatites which are synthesized from the natural resources and (2) Design and manufacture laboratory facilities e.g. Antrophometric chair for Ergonomics Laboratory.   We develop a various laboratory products for education and research purposes and it can be ordered by phone/Fax: +62 274521673 or sms (+62811283187) or e-mail: or Just tell us what you need, we will design it for you, manufacture it and send it to you. The current products include:

  • Anthropometry chair for students practices
  • RP/M machines
  • Automated equipments (incl. RFID based product)
  • Bioceramic materials (powders or bulk with specific shape and pores size) synthesized from natural materials: gHA (gypsum), cHA (calcite) and bHA (bovine)
  • Bioceramic composites with various compositions and ratios


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