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Gallery Shoping

Textbookmybook-icon. A new text book in Indonesian version is now available in the Gallery. The text book  with the title of  ”Laser Sintering: Model, Simulasi dan Eksperimen” is suitable book not only for final year students and postgraduate students of materials, mechanical engineering and manufacturing fields, but also for practisioners of manufacturing industries.

  • Textbook (Price @ IDR 83,000 in jogja+ mailpost for other cities)

produktif-inovatif-coverTextbook (Price @ IDR 50,000 in Jogja + mailpost for other cities)

This book tells us mainly about how to design a product (goods-discrete), step by step from generating innovative concepts to prototyping and registering patent. This book is easy reading category as it was written in popular way. So, this book is suitable to every one in a wide range of discipline including people from the school of art, industrial design and even good for household people. It also can enrich the landscape of students in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering who are learning in mono-hard-discipline or some people say “micro-system”. Anyway, let’s just try it.

Menaet Technology Products

mtech_logo2A various laboratory products we can develop for education and research purposes and it can be ordered by phone/sms (0611283187) and e-mail ( Just tell us what you need, we will design it for you, manufacture it and send it to you. The current products include:

  • Anthropometry chair for students practices (Price Rp 45 juta/unit + postmail)
  • RP/M machines (Price Rp 95 juta/unit + postmail)
  • Automated equipments (incl. RFID based product): price follows the custom requirements
  • Bioceramic materials synthesized from natural materials (Price Rp 22500/gram + postmail): gHA (gypsum), cHA (calcite) and bHA (bovine)
  • Scaffold: bHA coated PVA (Price Rp 350000/pack + postmail)
  • Bioceramic composites with various compositions and ratios (Price Rp 35000/gram + postmail)


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