Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering by 3D Systems, Inc. of Valencia, California.
Solid Imager Stereolithography by Aaroflex, Inc. of Fairfax, Virginia.
Solid Ground Curing by Cubital of Raanana, Israel.
Paper Lamination Technology by KIRA Corporation of Aichi, Japan.
Laminated Object Manufacturing by Cubic Technologies Inc. of Carson, California.
Fused Deposition Modeling by Stratasys, Inc. of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
Three dimensional plotting by Solidscape Inc. (formerly Sanders Prototype Inc.) of Merrimack, New Hampshire. Check out their Model Maker Desktop 3D Modeling System in action in the jewelry industry.
Direct Shell Production Casting by Soligen Inc. of Northridge, California.
Laser Sintering of metals and plastics by EOS GmbH of Munich, Germany.
DeskProto turns CAD models into parts using an automatic desktop NC milling machine (no CNC knowledge required). Produced by Delft Spline Systems of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) by Optomec Design Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The process builds up metal parts by injecting metal powder into the focus spot of a high power laser beam.
Digital Light Processing (DLP) by Envision Technologies GmbH of Marl, Germany

Concept Modelers

ThermoJet - solid object printer by 3D Systems, Inc. of Valencia, California.
Genisys and Prodigy by Stratasys, Inc. of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
The SD series of 3D printers from Solidimension, Ltd. of Rosh Ha-Ayin, Israel.
JP System 5 Desktop Rapid Prototyping by Schroff Development Corporation of Mission, Kansas.
Objet Quadra - solid object printer by Objet Geometries Ltd. of Rehovot, Israel.
SD 300 - 3D printer by Solidimension, Ltd of Be'erot Itzhak, Israel.
Z402 by Z Corporation of Somerville, Massachusetts.

Resellers of Concept Modelers and RP Systems

Advanced Technologies Systems, Inc. sells the Genisys and Prodigy FDM machines and the Z402 3D printer in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Applied Software sells the Genisys FDM machine in Atlanta, Georgia.
Computer-Aided Products, Inc. sells the Genisys FDM machine in Peabody, Massachusetts.
Commonwealth Trading Company of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina buys, sells and trades pre-owned RP equipment and consumables.
Engineering & Manufacturing Services, Inc. resells Z Corp.'s printers in Novi, Michigan.
Facet Manufacturing sells Sanders' Model Maker in Australia and New Zeeland.
Fisher/Unitech of Troy, Michigan sells the Genisys FDM machine.
GoEngineer with offices in California, Colorado, and Utah resells the Genisys and Prodigy FDM machines.
InterPRO Rapid Technologies of Deep River, Connecticut sells the ThermoJet-solid object printer.
Multistation SA sells SLS, FDM, and LOM equipment in France.
Norcam sells LOM equipment in Porto, Portugal.This site is in Portuguese.
Paperless Parts resells 3D Systems' ThermoJet 3D Printer in Nashua, New Hampshire.
ProTECH AB of Sollentuna, Sweden resells Stratasys' FDM product line in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. This site is in Swedish.
PTE Distribution resells Z Corp.'s 3D printers in Willowbrook, Illinois.
Sigma TCT of Newport Beach, California resells Sanders' Model Maker and Z Corp.'s Z402 3D printer.

Commercial Service Providers

Able Product Design Company Ltd. operates 2 SLA 250, an SLA 5000 and an FDM 1650 in Hong Kong.
Accelerated Technologies, Inc. operates 7 Sinterstation 2500, 3 SLA 500, and 1 SLA 250 in Austin, Texas, and an SLA 7000, an SLA 5000, an SLA 500 and an SLA 250 in Erlanger, Kentucky.
Accurate Pattern & Model, Inc. operates a ModelMaker machine in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
Acu-Cast Technologies, LLC operates an SLA 3500 and an SLA 250-50 in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.
Advanced Ceramics Research provides FDM services in Tucson, Arizona.
Advanced Concepts operates 2 LOM 1015 machines in San Carlos, California.
Advanced Prototyping Inc. provides SLS and SLA services in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Online quoting available.
Advantage Prototype Systems operates 2 SLA 250 machines in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.
Alphaform AG headquartered in Feldkirchen, Germany offers SLA and SLS services.
Alta Precision Inc. of Ville d'Anjou, Quebec, Canada is equipped with an SLA 500.
American Industrial Casting Inc. operates two ModelMaker 6B machines in Cranston, Rhode Island.
American Precision Prototyping LLC of Tulsa, Oklahoma offers SLA, SLS, FDM and Thermojet wax services.Online quoting available.
Amitek operates an SLS 2500 machine in De Meern, The Netherlands.
A Phase II of Sterling Heights, Michigan provides SLS services on Sinterstations 2000 and 2500.
Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation operates two SLA (250 and 3500) machines in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Armstrong Mold Corporation operates an SLA 350 in East Syracuse, New York.
Arptech operates a Genisys 3D printer in Rowville, Victoria, Australia.
ARRK Product Development Group headquartered in San Diego, California and with offices throughout the world offers SLA services.
ARRK Formation Ltd. operates an SLA 250, two SLA 350, and an SLA 500 in Gloucester, England.
AscenD Modelmakers BV operates an FDM Quantum in Gorinchem, The Netherlands.This site is in Dutch.
Astro Model Development does SLS, SLA, and LOM in Eastlake, Ohio.
Auburn Engineering does SLA and SLS in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
Axiom / Prototype South offer SLA and LOM services in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Bastech Inc. does SLA and SLS in Dayton, Ohio.
BBC Design Group operates a ModelMaker MM6 machine in Danbury, Connecticut.
Brookfield Rapid Solutions operates 2 SLA 5000 and an Actua 2100 in Hudson, New Hampshire.
CAD CAM Services Inc. operates an FDM 1650 in Kentwood, Michigan.
Cadtech operates an FDM 1650 in Askim, Sweden.
CAM-LEM, Inc. operates a CL-100 CAM-LEM machine to produce metal or ceramic prototypes in Cleveland, Ohio.
Casting Technology, Inc. operates 2 Actua machines in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
CEMCOM Corporation operates an SLA 5000 in Baltimore, Maryland.
C.Ideas Inc. operates 2 FDM 1650, 2 FDM 2000 and an FDM 8000 in Cary, Illinois.
Clinkenbeard and Associates operates 2 LOM 2030 and an FDM 8000 in Rockford, Illinois.
CNC Corporation operates an FDM 8000 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Concept+ Inc. operates an SLA 250 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
Conceptual Engineering LLC does SLA in Bloomington, Minnesota.
Conceptual Reality L.L.C. does SLA, SLS, and FDM in Walled Lake, Michigan.
Concepts in Dimension does SLA on a 350 machine in Norcross, Georgia.
Consul-Pak Ltd in King City, Ontario, Canada offers Rapid Prototyping services by FDM, SLA, SLS, and SGC.
Craft Pattern & Model provides SLA and LOM services in Maple Plain, Minnesota.
Craftech Group Pvt. Ltd. operates an SLA 7000 in Utter Pradesh, India.
Creative Rapid Tooling Corporation offers SLA, SLS, and LOM services in S. Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Creative Technical Solutions operates a Z402 machine in Indianapolis, Indiana.
C.R.P. Technology, S.r.l a division of the Cevolini Group, operates 2 Sinterstation machines (a 2000 and a 2500) in Modena, Italy.
Cyberform International does SLA in Richardson, Texas.
Damvig does FDM and stereolithography (on a Stereos MAX 400) in Denmark.
Design Alternatives L.L.C. does SLA in Gadsden, Alabama.
Design Concepts in 3D provides SLA services in Kaloua, Iowa.
Designcraft Corporation operates 2 SLA 250 and 1 SLA 5000 machines in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
DesignPro Engineering Inc. operates an SLA 250 in Sunnyvale, California.
Design Prototyping Technologies Inc. provides SLA and SLS services in East Syracuse, New York.
Digital Models Production, Inc. operates a ModelMaker machine in Jackson Heights, New York.
Digital Prototyping Services (a division of K+P Agile, Inc.) does LOM in Naperville, Illinois.
DRS Industries Inc. operates an FDM 8000 machine in Holland, Ohio.
Dynacept Co. Inc. of Bedford Hills, New York is equipped with two SLA 250.
Dynamic Digital Design operates an FDM 1650 in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
Durden Enterprises does SLA in Auburn, Georgia.
Eagle Design & Technology, Inc.'s Design Division operates an SLA-500 in Zeeland, Michigan.
Ed-design, Ltd. operates an EOSINT P 360 machine in Turku, Finland.
Electrolux Rapid Development operates an SLA 250 and an SLA 500 in Finland and Sweden.The Swedish part of the company is now called Prototal.
Emerge, Inc. provides FDM services in Forest Grove, Oregon.
ENCOR Technologies, Inc. operates an SLA 250, an SLA 500, and an SLS 2500 machine in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
EOS Image S.r.l. operates a Solider 5600 machine in Verolanouva, Italy.
ERA Industries Inc. does LOM on a 2030 machine in Seabrook, New Hampshire.
Excell Models and Prototyping, Inc. operates an SLA 3500 and an FDM 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Express Pattern operates an SLA 500, an SLA 350 and a Thermojet 3D printer in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
Fabicad Ltd. operates an LOM 2030 in Budapest, Hungary.
Fancy Models Corp. does SLA on a 250 machine in Fremont, California.
Fastec RP Services, Inc. operates an SLA-250 machine in Huntsville, Alabama.
Ferriot, Inc. operates a Sinterstation 2000 in Akron, Ohio.
1st Vantron Engineering, Inc operates an FDM 1600 machine in Cameron Park, California.
Forecast Product Development does SLA in Carlsbad, California.
Fusion Engineering offers SLA services in Rockford, Illinois.
Gazelle Prototype does SLS in Grand Haven, Michigan.
Gilmore Engineers of Brisbane, Australia offers TruSurf (Large 3D foam models) services.
General Pattern Co. operates 6 SLA-500, 5 SLA-250, and LOM and SGC machines in Blaine, Minnesota.
Global DesignWorks operates Z Corp.'s ZPrinter 310 and Z810 and 3D-Systems' InVision 3-D printers in Camarillo, California.
Global Rapid Technologies Inc. provides SLA and SLS services in Greenville, Rhode Island.
Goodmark Rapid Prototyping Co. Ltd. operates an SLA 500, an FDM 1650 and a ThermoJet printer in Hong Kong.
GT Prototyper AB operates 3 SLA machines (5000, 3500, 250/50), 2 EOS SLS machines (350 and 360) and 2 FDM machines (1600 and 2000) in Ystad, Sweden.
Harvest Technologies Ltd. Co. provides SLS services (operating 2 Sinterstation 2500 and 1 Sinterstation 2000 machines) in Belton, Texas.
HNH Works, Ltd. operates an FDM 3000 in Keszthely, Hungary.
Hobson Mould Works operates a LOM 2030 in Shell Rock, Iowa.
Hordler Rapid Engineering Prototypenbau operates 2 EOS P350 SLS machines in Plauen, Germany.
Hunter Hawk Industrial Parts & Prototypes does SLA in Concord, California.
Industrial Computer Technologies operates an LOM 1015 and an FDM 2000 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Industrial Modern Pattern & Mold Corporation provides SLA services in Rosemont, Illinois.
InterPRO Rapid Technologies operates 3 SLA 250 and an Actua 2100 in Deep River, Connecticut.
Jacobs Associates, LLC operates an FDM 2000 machine in Avon, Connecticut.
Javelin - a Lone Peak Engineering company provides FDM, LOM and 3D Printing services in Salt Lake City, Utah.
JP Pattern operates an FDM 1650 in Butler, Wisconsin.
Kellough Enterprises operates a Z-402 3D printer in La Habra, California.
K+P Agile, Inc. provides LOM services in Naperville, Illinois.
Laser Modeling Inc. provides SLA services in Schaumburg, Illinois and Ness-Ziona, Israel.
Laser Prototypes Inc. operates 2 SLA 250 in Denville, New Jersey.
Laser Reproductions does SLA in Gahanna, Ohio.
Laser Spec Inc does Solid Ground Curing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Leyshon Miller Industries operates an FDM 1600 and an FDM 1650 in Cambridge, Ohio.
Line By Line Design Inc. operates an SLA 350 in East Aurora, New York.
Mack Prototype Inc. provides SLA services in Gardner, Massachussetts.
Malmberg Engineering operates an FDM 1650 in Livermore, California.
Manitowoc Prototypes, Inc. does SLA in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
The Manufacturing Engineering Center at The Cardiff School of Engineering in Wales provides SLA, SLS, FDM and 3D printing services.
Materialise NV provides SLA and SLS services in Leuven, Belgium.
Mareco does SLS in Venlo, The Netherlands.
Marisa Industries Inc. operates SLA 250 and 500 equipment in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
MDF Tool Corp. operates an SLA 250 and an Actua 2100 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Metalcast Engineering operates an SLA 500/40 in Oakland, California.
Met-L-Flo Inc. provides SLA services in St. Charles, Illinois.
Metro Plastics Technologies, Inc. operates an SLA-250, 2 SLA 5000 and an SLA 7000 in Noblesville, Indiana.
Metropolis Design operates an SLA-250/30A in North Salt Lake, Utah.
Micronics Technologies Inc. operates an FDM 2000 and an FDM Quantum/Maxum machine in Glencoe, Minnesotta.
Mississippi Polymer Institute provides SLS services on a Sinterstation 2000 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Modellteknik AB operates an FDM 1600 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. This site is in Swedish.
Modelvision, Inc. operates an SLA-3500 in New Milford, Connecticut.
Modular Design Works, Inc. operates a Model Maker machine in Norcross, Georgia.
Moeller Design & Development operates an SLA 500-40 in Seattle, Washington.
Morris Technologies does SLA and LOM in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Naval Air Warfare Center does LOM and FDM at their Weapons Division in China Lake, California.
nCore, Inc. does SLS in Lynchburg, Virginia.
NECO, Inc. operates a Genisys 3d printer in Denver, Colorado.
NineDots, Inc. operates an FDM 2000 and an FDM 8000 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Nuhill Technologies, Inc. operates an SLA 3500 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Paradigm Engineering Inc. operates FDM 1600 and 1650 machines in Tempe, Arizona.
Paramount Industries Inc. operates SLS Sinterstation 2000 and 2500 machines in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.
Pattern Guild & Products, Inc. operates an FDM 1650 in Auburn Hills, Michigan.
Peridot, Inc. operates an FDM 2000 and a LOM 2030 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies operates an SLA 250 and an FDM 2000 in Gilbert, Arizona.
PI Components Corporation does SLA in Brenham, Texas.
Pinnacle Technologies operates an SLA500 in Center Line, Michigan. They also have a plant in Anderson, South Carolina.
Plastic Engineering Components operates an SLA 250 in Lincolnshire, Illinois.
Precision Castparts Corporation of Portland, Oregon does Stereolithography using 250 and 500 machines.
Precision Measurement Laboratories does LOM in Inglewood, California.
Precision Technologies Inc. does SLA, SLS, and LOM services in Franklin, Pennsylvania.
Premier Design & Manufacturing Company does SLA in St. Charles, Missouri.
Product Design Partners, Inc. operates an FDM 1650 in Concord, California.
Proform does SLA in Switzerland. Site in French and German.
Progressive Engineering, Inc. operates an SLA 5000 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Promau Rapid Product Development operates an SLA 250 an EOSINT P350 (SLS) in Cameri, Italy.
ProtoCAD Corporation operates an SLA 3500 in White Plains, Maryland.
ProtoCAM does SLA in Northampton, Pennsylvania.
Protogenic operates SLA 250, 350 and 500 machines in Westminster, Colorado.
Protoshape operates a ModelMaker II in Santa Cruz, California.
Protosys Technologies Limited operates an FDM 1650 in Mumbai(Bombay), India.
Prototal AB operates an SLA 250, an SLA 500 and a 3D ThermoJet Printer in Huskvarna, Sweden.This site is in Swedish.
Prototech Center operates an SLA 3500, an SLS 2500 and a Z-402 3D printer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
ProtoTech Engineering, Inc. operates 5 SLA machines in Willowbrook, Illinois.
Proto Technologies, Inc. operates an SLA 500 in Spokane, Washington.
Prototypes Plus operates an SLA 250 in Menlo Park, California.
PT CAM does SLA on a 250 machine in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Pumori Engineering operates an LOM 1015 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Pure Fluid Magic does SLA in Santa Cruz, California.
Ralph S. Alberts Co., Inc. provides SLA and LOM services in Montoursville, Pennsylvania.
Rapid Design Service operates an FDM 2000 in Saginaw, Michigan.
Rapid Processing Solutions, Inc. operates an SLA 250 and an SLA 500 in Wichita, Kansas.
Rapid ProtoCAD does LOM in Walnut Creek, California.
Rapid Prototype Company, Inc. provides SLS services in Auburn Hills, Michigan.
Rapid Prototype Inc. provides FDM services in Eldersburg, Maryland.
Rapid Prototypes Inc. operates an FDM 1650, an SLA 250, an LOM 1020, and a Solider 5600 in Webster, Texas.
RPI - Rapid Prototypes Inc. operates an FDM 1650 in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.
RPM-Corp operates an FDM 3000 in Warsaw, Indiana.
The Rapid Prototyping Center Ltd. operates an SLA-500 and an SLA 5000 in Kiiminki, Finland.
Rapid Prototyping Corporation does SLA in Longmont, Colorado.
Rapid Solutions, Inc. operates an SLA-350 machine in Troy, Michigan.
Realize, Inc. provides SLA services in Fishers, Indiana.
Render ABS Prototypes provides FDM services in Rosario, Argentina.
R&D Design Engineering does SLA in Corona, California.
Robtec is equipped with an SLA 250. They have offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Montevideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. This site is in Spanish.
Roush Industries operates an SLA 250, an SLA 500, an SLA 5000, an FDM 1650, and an FDM 8000 in Livonia, Michigan.
Santin Engineering Inc. provides SLA, SLS and 3D Printing services in Peabody, Massachussetts.
Satellite Models operates an SLA 500 in Mountain View, California.
Schmit Prototypes, Inc. provides SLA services in Menomonie, Wisconsin.
SCICON Technologies Corporation operates 2 SLA 5000, 1 SLA 3500 and 2 SLA-250 machines in Valencia, California.
Scimitar Prototyping operates 2 SLA 250 machines in Streamwood, Illinois.
Select Manufacturing Services, Inc. offers SLA, SLS, and LOM services in Muskegon, Michigan.
Shared Replicators, Inc. operates 2 SLA 7000 and an FDM Titan in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Online quoting available.
Sicam Corporation provides SLA services in Sommerville, New Jersey.
Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products operates an SLA 250-30 in Carson, California.
SIGMA TCT, Inc. operates a ModelMaker machine in Newport Beach, California.
SINTEF Production Engineering uses a Solider 5600 in Trondheim, Norway.
SIRIM Rapid Prototyping Services operates an SLA 7000 and an SLA 250 in Selangor D.E., Malaysia.
Solid Concepts Inc. of Valencia, California does Stereolithography using 3 SLA 250, 8 SLA 500, and 2 SLS 2500 machines.
Solid Design & Analysis does SLA in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Solidiform Inc. operates an SLA 5000 and a Sinterstation 2500 in Fort Worth, Texas.
Solid Image 3D Printing operates Stratasys' Dimension 3D printers in Tarzana, California. 3D printers also available as rental units.
Solutions in 3D operates an SLA-250 in St. Louis, Missouri.
Sparky Prototype operates an SLS 2500 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Specific Surface Corporation of Franklin, Massachussetts uses CeraPrint (a 3D printing derivative technology) to produce functional ceramic and metal filters.
Spectrum 3D, Inc. provides SLA services in Tustin, California.
Suburban Model Inc. provides SLA and SLS services in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
SyncTech, Inc. operates an SLA-500 in Taipei, Taiwan.
TECH Inc. operates an SLA-3500 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Technology Assessment & Transfer, Inc. operates an SLA 250 in Annapolis, Maryland.
Time Rapid Prototyping Solutions Ltd operates an SLA-250 in Ashford, England.
Toledo Molding & Die Co. operates 2 Solider 5600 machines in Toledo, Ohio.
Toptec Australia Pty. Ltd. operates an LOM 1015 machine in Newton, Australia.
The Automotive Design Center at Northern Ireland's Technical Center in Belfast uses an SLA 250 and an FDM 1600.
The Technology House operates an SLA 500 in Solon, Ohio.
3-D CAM, Inc. does SLA in Chatsworth, California.
3D Concepts 2 Design, Inc. operates a Viper Si2 SLA system in Kewaskum, Wisconsin.
3-Dimensional Engineering operates an SLA 500 and an SLA 5000 in Pompano Beach, Florida.
3-DPrinting.com operates an FDM Dimension machine in Charlotte, North Carolina.
3-Dimensional Services operates 2 SLA-500, an SLA-250 and 2 LOM in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
3-D Technical Services provides SLA and LOM services in Franklin, Ohio.
3DQ Concepts operates a Z402 3D printer in Livermore, California.
3T Rapid Product Development Ltd. operates a Z402 3D printer and an EOS P360 SLS machine in Newbury, United Kingdom.
TNO Industrial Prototyping of Delft, Netherlands offers FDM, LOM, Multi Jet Modelling, Paper Layer Technology, and 3D Color Printing services.
TriQuest Precision Plastics operates SLA-250 and 500, Sinterstation 2000 in Vancouver, Washington.
Unique Model Inc. operates an FDM 1650 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Uptrend Models Inc. operates an SLA 250-50 in Wood Dale, Illinois.
Valla S.A. offers SLA services in Lyon, France. This site is in French.
Venus Graphics Corp. operates a Z402 3D printer in Verona, Wisconsin.
Vision Engineering & Prototypes Inc. provides SLA services in Olive Branch, Mississippi.
Vista Technologies, LLC provides SLA services in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.
Wheeler Boyce Company provides LOM services in Stow, Ohio.
WIBA AB operates an FDM 2000 and an EOSINT 250 in Huskvarna, Sweden.
Xpress3D, Inc operates a Z Corp 3D printer in Southborough, Massachussetts. Online quoting available.


Wohlers Associates Inc. - prominent consulting firm in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Ennex Corporation of Los Angeles, California - a technology development company focused exclusively on fabricators.
A collection of articles on RP from Cheshire Henbury - a consultancy firm based in Macclesfield, United Kingdom.
Advanced Technology Consultants, LLC of Commerce Township, Michigan educates potential users of rapid prototyping prior to, during and after the purchase of such technologies.
Consulting services in the area of RP and CAE are offered in Bielefeld, Germany by Wolff Ingenieurburo.

CO2 Laser


RP System Selector 3.0.
Mill/It by Gizmotec of Olpe, Germany (Software for decomposing an STL file into layers and creates the NC code needed to mill each layer).
Materialise USA of Ann Arbor, Michigan
IVECS Software for repair and verification of STL files (developed at Clemson University).
3D View-STL viewer (produced by Actify Inc. of San Francisco, California).
NEST Technologies of Studio City, California sells DeskArtes Rapid Tools Software for repair, conversion, and manipulation of STL, IGES, and VDA-FS files.
VisCAMMarcamMarcam Engineering GmbH of Bremen, Germany ( for RP data preparation).
Floating Point Solutions of Goa, India offers an STL editor and an STL viewer.
Ztech Solutions offers Ztech-STL software for viewing, analyzing, and repairing STL files.
VW_STL - a simple shareware tool for viewing binary STL files (by Professor H.J. Sommer-Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania).

Rapid Prototyping Report - the newsletter of the desktop manufacturing industry.
Time Compression Technologies - a magazine for the European markets.
Time Compression Technologies - a magazine for the North American markets.
Automated Fabrication by Dr. Marshall Burns, published in 1993 by Prentice Hall.
Le Prototypage Rapide by Alain Bernard and Georges Taillandier, published 1998 by Hermes Editions.

Magazine Articles

Mechanical Engineering (April 1999) magazine's article on Deere & Co.'s utilization of Rapid Prototyping - Rapid Harvest.
Discover (February 2000) magazine's article Future Tech: Behold, the 3-D Fax!.
Design News (August 2000) magazine's article 3D Printing Speeds Design Cycle.
Technology Investor (August 2000) magazine's article Rapid Prototyping Molds the Future of Manufacturing.
New Scientist (September 2000) magazine's article Whatever you want - an article focused on the promising future of 3D printing.
Desktop Engineering (March 2001) magazine's article The Shape of Things to Come
Computer-Aided Engineering (May 2001) magazine's article Print Physical Prototypes Over the Net

Ho Chi Minh-Vietnam

Universities&Institutions (Laser Sintering)
Laboratory for Freeform Fabrication at the University of Texas at Austin.
University of Connecticut at Storrs is involved in the development of the Selective Area Laser Deposition process.
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
University of Leeds , Leeds UK
University of Liverpool , Liverpool UK
University of Cardiff, Cardiff UK
TU Aachen, Aachen Germany
Univeristy of Catholic Leuven, Belgium
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven does research involving SLA and 3D plotting.
Arcam AB of Gothenburg, Sweden is developing a metal sintering RP technology patented as "CAD-to-metal".
Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology is developing a rapid metal prototyping system in Germany.
Osaka University,Japan
The University of Hong Kong China.
National University Singapore (NUS), Singapore
Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore
Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta Indonesia
Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm, Sweden.
Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Product Assurance Rapid Prototyping Laboratory at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California operates an SLS 2500 and an Actua 2100.
Direct Fabrication Department at Sandia National Laboratories.
Tele-Manufacturing: Rapid Prototyping on the Internet the University of California at San Diego.
Clemson University's Research in Engineering Design and Optimization.
The Rapid Prototyping Laboratory at Stanford University in Stanford, California.
The Shape Deposition Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Three dimensional printing a process developed at MIT. Specific Surface Corporation of Franklin, Massachussetts is one of the licensees of this technology.
Rapid Thermal Prototyping at Tufts University.
Delcam International headquartered in Birmingham, England is a partner in the Computer Aided Rapid Prototyping (CARP) research project.
Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland, Ohio conducts research on CAM-LEM (Computer Aided Manufacturing of Laminated Engineering Materials) and related processes.
Centre for Rapid Design and Manufacture at the Buckinghamshire College in Buckinghamshire, England.
Ceramic Composites Inc. of Annapolis, Maryland is involved in the development of stereolithography and laminated object manufacturing techniques using metals and ceramics.
Bremen Institute for Industrial Technology in Bremen, Germany.
The Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute at Georgia Tech.
The Manufacturing Technology Laboratory at General Electric
The CAD/CAM Laboratory at the University of Michigan does reseach involving Layered Manufacturing and is equipped with Stratasys FDM equipment.
The Rapid Prototyping Center at Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin does research involving the SLA, LOM and FDM processes.
The Rapid Manufacturing laboratory at The University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island.
The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems at the University of Patras in Patras, Greece conducts research involving SLA, FDM, and LOM.
Arizona State University's PRISM (Partnership for Research In Stereo Modeling) conducts FDM-based research in Tempe, Arizona.
The Laboratory of Rapid Product Development at Wroclaw University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland operates an SLA 250-50.
Rapid Freeze Prototyping - water deposition process in a freeze chamber - a research project conducted by the Virtual & Rapid Prototyping Lab at the University of Missouri, in Rolla, Missouri.
The W.M. Keck Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering Lab at the University of Pittsburg in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania operates an SLA 250-30, an FDM 2000, and an Actua 2100.
The Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing at Southern Methodist University in Richardson, Texas does research involving welding deposition based rapid prototyping processes.
The Learning Factory at Penn State operates Helysis LOM 1015 and Stratasys FDM-2000 machines.



Anatomics of Queensland, Australia produces stereolithography models of a patient's anatomy to assist in the preoperative planning and the actual surgery.
Medical Modeling Corporation of Golden, Colorado produces patient-specific SLA models to aid in complex reconstructive surgeries.
MD Works Inc. of Norcross, Georgia offers SLA services to physicians and medical device manufacturers.
Nimbus TCS of Richardson, Texas provides SLA services for a variety of commercial applications as well as medical, dental, legal, paleontological, and archeological applications.
ComputerGen Implants Ltd of Doncaster, England uses RP for orofacial reconstruction.
Manufacturing models of chromosomes and viruses via Solid Ground Curing (a 1994 research project at the Helsinki University of Technology).


Michael Rees, a sculptor based in Kansas City, Missouri produces art using Stereolithography and LOM.
Tom Longtin - produces artworks using SLS and SLA.
Bathsheba Grossman - a Santa Cruz, California sculptor produces art using 3D plotting technology.
Replica 3D - of Harahan, Louisiana produces personal 3-dimensional portraits utilizing 3D scanning and RP technology.
The University of Central Lancashire in Preston, United Kingdom has implemented a program to develop current RP technologies into a new art medium.

Professional Associations

The Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations - GARPA.
The French Rapid Prototyping Association.This site is in French.
The Italian Rapid Prototyping Association headquartered in Modena, Italy. This site is in Italian.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Rapid Prototyping Association (RPA).
United Kingdom's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Association headquartered in London, England.
3D Systems' North American Stereolithography Users Group.
The European SLS Users Group.

Other Resources
Quickparts.com - the first RP e-commerce site, offering SLA, SLS, and FDM services.
3D Rapid Prototyping Patents 99 CD-ROM from Chatham Research of Amherst, New Hampshire
The Rapid Prototyping US Patent Database (Castle Island Co. of Arlington, Massachussetts).
The whole Rapid Prototyping Family Tree - a listing of methods sorted by material type.
An older RP directory (commercial vendors, developers, photopolymer vendors, service bureaus, research centers, and consultants).
The archives of the RP mailing list.
A Workshop RP (JTEC (Japanese Technology Evaluation Center) and the WTEC (World Technology Evaluation Center).
National RP Support, Inc. of Pella, Iowa (SLA hardware and software support).
The World of Rapid Prototyping(Universite du Quebec in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada).
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)'s Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory.